PartnerOne is growing very quickly, both organically and by acquisition. We look for companies with proven products, predictable revenue models, and great product-market fit.

PartnerOne’s approach to dealmaking is very simple:

  • It’s a win-win approach
  • We are an all-cash buyer
  • No financing contingencies, holdbacks or escrows
  • We make sure the process is simple and fast

Benefits of Joining PartnerOne

  • Access to 1,200+ enterprise clients
  • Expansion into new geographic markets and new partnership opportunities
  • Operational principles and practices proven over a 25 year history
  • Preference to have key managers stay in place
  • Provide managers with independence to make business decisions, while providing support to create success
  • Sound financial management practices and long-term financial support to grow the business organically and make follow on acquisitions

Acquisition Criteria

Acquisitions form a key tenet of PartnerOne’s overall growth and diversification strategy. PartnerOne focuses on acquiring enterprise software companies in the USA and Canada that meet the following requirements:

  • $5m -$50m in Annual Recurring Revenues
  • Enterprise customer base
  • Very high customer retention
  • Does not need to be profitable
  • Does not need to be growing
  • Preference for infrastructure software

Our Process

  • PartnerOne prefers to assume 100% ownership of the business, although we will also consider a majority equity stake.
  • PartnerOne is an all-cash buyer, providing very high certainty of closing on every acquisition. Our transactions are quick and easy. In many cases, it takes only a week to LOI, and 60 days to close with no financing or post-closing contingencies.

Think your company might be a good fit? Get in touch with us

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