PartnerOne is growing very quickly, both organically and by acquisition. We look for companies with proven products, predictable revenue models, and great product-market fit.

PartnerOne’s approach to dealmaking is very simple:
  • It’s a win-win approach
  • We are an all-cash buyer
  • No financing contingencies or holdbacks
  • We make sure the process is simple and fast

Benefits of Joining PartnerOne

  • Access to 1,200+ enterprise clients
  • Expansion into new geographic markets and new partnership opportunities
  • Operational principles and practices proven over a 25 year history
  • Preference to have key managers stay in place
  • Provide managers with independence to make business decisions, while providing support to create success
  • Sound financial management practices and long-term financial support to grow the business organically and make follow on acquisitions

Acquisition Criteria

Acquisitions form a key tenet of PartnerOne’s overall growth and diversification strategy. PartnerOne focuses on acquiring enterprise software companies in the USA and Canada that meet the following requirements:

  • $5m -$200m in Annual Recurring Revenues
  • Enterprise customer base
  • Very high customer retention
  • Does not need to be profitable
  • Does not need to be growing
  • Preference for infrastructure software

Our Process

  • PartnerOne prefers to assume 100% ownership of the business, although we will also consider a majority equity stake.
  • PartnerOne is an all-cash buyer, providing very high certainty of closing on every acquisition. Our transactions are quick and easy. In many cases, it takes only a week to LOI, and 60 days to close with no financing or post-closing contingencies.


Evolving Systems

Evolving Systems is a real-time digital engagement solutions provider for global telecommunications operators and mobile service providers. Evolution, its flagship product is built on industry-leading machine learning technologies, capable of condensing multiple avenues of customer data into 360° customer profiles for effective customer-value management. Additionally, Evolving System’s patented Dynamic SIM Allocation (DSA) offering solidifies its place among global leaders in the SIM activation market.


FSMLab is the industry leader in clock synchronization software boasting precision and reliability. Its flagship product, FSMTime, ensures all network clocks are synchronized and accurate, provides flexibility and interoperability with standard time protocols, increases network fault tolerance by monitoring and cross-checking multiple time sources, and integrates with commodity hardware to decrease time synchronization costs. FSMLab’s blue chip customer base turn to FSMTime for regulatory compliance, security, and mission-critical networking monitoring.


Luminex is a developer of mainframe connectivity, storage, and data protection solutions. Its flagship products are Channel Gateway (CGX) and Mainframe Virtual Tape (MVT). CGX is a virtual tape controller that provides mainframe access to disk-based open systems storage and MVT is an end-to-end mainframe virtual tape solution with integrated storage.


SL Corp. is a leading provider of real-time middleware monitoring, visualization and diagnostic software for global and mid-market companies. grids, airports and traffic control systems in Japan and the US. RTView Enterprise Edition is non-intrusive, out of the box, and predominately agentless application monitoring solution with unique visibility into microservices, messaging middleware, process orchestration and container infrastructure.​


GMS is a real-time control systems monitoring product which supports lifeline and public infrastructure including nuclear power plants, power grids, airports and traffic control systems in Japan and the US. ​


Assima is the worldwide leader in productivity software for training, support, and translation of enterprise software applications. Assima’s unique patented simulation cloning technology and the integration of powerful artificial intelligence provides an unmatched solution to improve end-user performance and business efficiency. With offices in over 10 countries and cutting-edge technology, Assima allows the world’s largest organizations to maximize the value of their software investments.​


StrongLINK is a software-defined storage solution that is positioned to revolutionize Big Data storage management. StrongLINK provides a unique cognitive data management solution the likes of which have never been seen before. StrongLINK allows you to organize, search, manage, access, analyze, protect, and control 100% of your data and metadata.​


StrongBox is a storage gateway solution that integrates storage tiers and technologies to simplify data management and enable the lowest-cost data preservation. StrongBox is the lowest cost storage technology for Big Data in the world that combines flash, disk, tape and cloud. StrongBox can be used as file-based, network-attached storage or for object-based storage to support scalable data workloads. Its secret weapon is intelligent & automatic storage management – that streamlines data preservation.​

Insider Technologies

Since 1989, Insider Technologies has become a world leading supplier of real-time high volume transaction data monitoring and alerting software and services. Supplying international banks and commercial organizations, government and the military, Insider Technologies provides tracking and alerting for a wide range of applications to these organizations.​


SPHiNX for IBM Power Systems is the most affordable disk-based (virtual- tape) appliance to provide complete data protection, consolidate backups, and streamline disaster recovery.​


Most major banks in the world rely on ETI-NET’s software to backup and restore their critical data. The software is used by more than 600 largest corporations and governments. ETI-NET products include BackBox®, BackHome®, BackPak®, BackLib®, and HCOM®. ​


Stromasys is the leading provider of enterprise-class emulation solutions for legacy systems. The company’s flagship product, Charon, is widely recognized as the industry standard for emulation, with support for a wide range of legacy systems. Stromasys has revolutionized the field of legacy system modernization, allowing businesses to run their critical applications on modern, secure hardware platforms and on the Cloud, without sacrificing performance or functionality.

Optica Technologies

Optica Technologies is a leading provider of mainframe virtual tape solutions serving enterprise data centers of all sizes globally. Optica’s zVT family of mainframe virtual tape products are modular, scalable, flexible and resilient virtual tape solutions in the industry. Optica has been an IBM strategic partner since 2002 and has received the most extensive IBM qualification available for third party solutions. Optica’s products have been successfully deployed in most major enterprise data centers worldwide.

Fidelis Security

Fidelis Security specializes in providing advanced cybersecurity solutions to help organizations detect, respond to, and mitigate cyber threats. The company's technology and services are designed to enhance an organization's ability to protect its digital assets, data, and sensitive information from a wide range of cyber attacks and security breaches.

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